2014 and beyond in horror

Update: My blog was hacked so had to go back to my backup word doc for this blog post!

Right, first things first. The past few years has been good for horror movies. We had the likes of Insidious and Conjuring which really seemed to take the horror market by storm. Personally Im not a fan of either, well I tell a lie I liked the conjuring to a certain degree. Im not really into the paranormal horror at the moment though. Maybe its been over done for me to enjoy, but what ever it is I just can’t be bothered with paranormal horror movies.

I recently read the review of Purge Anarchy which is meant to FUCKING AWESOME but turned our to FUCKING SHIT! (http://screenrant.com/purge-2-anarchy-trailer/).

Another movie which I think is due out this year some time is Insidious 3. Its meant to follow a different family this time around and seeing as I kinda liked the first 2 I will probably give this one a look when it hits netflix.

One movie I have just found on that ^^^ Trailer GeekĀ site was Stephen Kings IT is being remade?! I don’t really remember the first one but I remember watching it decades ago not giving a crap… But, the book is pretty bad ass so a remake couldĀ be good.

Right horror lovers Im off to work! I will try and blog again in a few days :-)



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Horror Movies!

I am going to be blogging about horror movies as much as I possibly can. I do have a little thing called a job so maybe not huge amount of blogging but every time I see something cool in horror movies I post. How does that sound? :)

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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